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Consulting & Law 



InterLEX provides corporate and personal litigation services in a wide variety of practice areas.  We are a leading Korean law firm in labor law, covering SME and large corporates with an emphasis on professional care and understanding.  We are also experts on family-related legal matters, especially in providing services to foreign clients.  We provide multi-lingual attorneys accommodating our clients through their journeys. 

InterLEX exists for the benefit of its clients and strives above all else for client satisfaction. We provide superior legal counsel to meet all our clients' needs through tireless effort, innovation, and constant communication, achieving the best possible outcomes together.

InterLEX works with Korean and international clients on a regular basis, handling a broad range of local and cross-border issues, providing clear and practical advice. Some of our clients include corporations such as Samsung Group Subsidiaries, Hwaseung, Singsong, Royal & co. We also serve bio health care companies like HelixmithCiklux and Gyeongsang National University HospitalInterLEX advises Korean governmental entities including Korea Industrial Technology Association and the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety. We provide legal opinions for IT companies such as Naver and Coupang, as well as startups including Ongyeol and Dames. In partnerships with our clients, InterLEX has numerous global clients in the US, Europe and China. We have firmly positioned ourselves as a global law firm and our Executive Partners have been featured with prominent legal awards including "Firms to Watch", “Leader Lawyer” for three consecutive years, between 2019-2021 as a premier boutique law firm.

We aim to achieve Responsiveness with Integrity & Cooperative Spirit


InterLEX is fortunate to work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals. We are responsive and keep our clients informed appraised of their progress and respond promptly with all inquiries. We believe that detailed and timely care facilitates trust with client communications and is of utmost importance. 

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