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Labor & Employment

The InterLEX Labor & Employment Team consists of top-tier lawyers, experts and specialists, including one who has been recognized as a Leading Lawyer for the consecutive year of 2021/2020/2019 in Labor & Employment by the Legal Times. We provide proactive and effective solutions to both domestic and foreign companies across all industries as well as to individuals.

Korean labor regulations are widely considered to be rigid, featuring broad employment legislature and powerful labor unions influencing policy. Recent changes in the political and social environment of Korea have also increased the frequency of employment related disputes.

Key Practice Areas

1. Overall Labor Employment Law

We provide comprehensive practical legal solutions on all labor & employment law related issues, including the establishment of HR structure and operation, reorganization of human resources during changes such as M&A, transfer or division of business and drafting and reviewing employment agreements, efficient management of labor costs such as wage system reform and industrial accidents.


- English publishing company O on relocation of manpower after reorganization
- Japanese electronic company T on improvement of illegal outsourcing
- Japanese industrial automation company O on work conditions after merger

- Japanese bank J on improvement of personnel systems

- Machinery company O on PIP(Performance Improvement Plan)

- Public institution K on new work-hours regulation

- Trade company P on operation of independent business sector

- Software company O on reorganization of the personnel system

- Hospital S on salary peak systems

- Hospital A on diagnosis of illegal outsourcing- Airline A on the improvement of personnel regulation

2. Compliance & Internal Investigation

In the event of compliance violations, including the workplace harassment which has recently been raised as an important social issue including embezzlement and breach of trust, we provide thorough internal investigation. We offer various services for legal management including personnel measures, preventive education and other handling of legal dispute through which we protect our clients from unexpected legal risks.


- European bio pharmaceutical company Z on workplace harassment and internal investigation
- Japanese auto-components H company on embezzlement by internal investigation
- Energy company D diagnose on the discrimination of non-regular employees

- American IT company A on infringement of trade secrets 

- American machinery company T on workplace harassment by internal investigation

- American automation company A on workplace harassment 

- Japanese instrument company M on workplace harassment by internal investigation 

- IT company N on workplace harassment by internal investigation 

- Construction company S on workplace harassment by internal  investigation 

- Bank K on sexual harassment by internal investigation 

- European machinery company on embezzlement by internal investigation

3. Collective Bargaining & Industrial Relations

We present understandable measures to contribute to stabilizing labor-management relations by providing strategic and legal advice on issues arising in relation to collective bargaining, CBA, mediation and disputes, actively navigating with our clients.


- Japanese machinery company O on CBA (Direct participation in the bargaining procedure)
- European machinery company G on diagnosis of labor management relationship and the stabilization plan
- Golf club managing company J on HR/ER consultation

- America G automobile company on HR/ER consultation 

- European V chemical company on HR/ER consultation

- Japanese electronic equipment company O on HR/ER consultation 

- Japanese office machine company E on HR/ER consultation, including termination of CBA 

- Japanese auto components company H on CBA 

- Japanese classification company C on CBA (Direct participation in the bargaining procedure)

- Japanese machinery company on CBA 

- Japanese trading company M on CBA 

- E-Commerce company W on preventive labor management relations 

- Construction company P on the risk management of the labor relations 

- Chemical company H on CBA (Direct participation in the bargaining procedure) 

- Food ingredients manufacture company on the response of plural labor unions 

- Food company S on CBA and stabilization of labor-management relations 

- Public institution K on CBA

- Construction material manufacturing company H on CBA

4. Dispute Resolutions

While is most desirable to resolve labor-management issues through dialogue and persuasion, in the event of inevitable legal disputes, the Labor and Employment Team provides comprehensive and systematic solutions based on our extensive experience and expertise in the course of dispute resolution procedures and mediation of the labor office, labor relations committee, police prosecutors and the courts.


- American E-Commerce company C on dismissal litigation
- Japanese classification company C on managing criminal charges with regards to average wage
- Medical equipment company N on trade secret misappropriation litigation

- Japanese consumer goods company Y on ordinary wage litigation 

- Japanese machinery H on minimum wage and management of criminal charges 

- Japanese auto parts company H on managing allegations of unfair labor  practice

 - Automobile company H on illegal dispatch litigation 

- Logistic company H on litigation on discrimination of non-regular workers 

- Architecture material company H on a litigation regarding unfair labor practice 

- Construction company S on ordinary wage litigation 

- Transportation company H on ordinary wage litigation

 - Automobile company H on ordinary dismissal litigation 

- Materials company H on managerial dismissal litigation 

- Semiconductor company D on managerial dismissal litigation 

- Medical foundation Y on managerial dismissal litigation 

- Chemical company H on managing criminal charges of violation of trade secrets 

- Pharmaceutical company H on managing criminal charges of violation of trade secret 

- Liquor dealer D on managing criminal charges concerning ordinary wage 

- Engineering company S on dismissal litigation 

- Bridge operation company I on unfair labor practice litigation 

- Automobile company H on ordinary wage litigation 

- Heavy industries S on trade secret misappropriation litigation 

- Medical equipment N on trade secret misappropriation litigation 

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