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As the goals and interests of companies have become increasingly complex and diverse in recent years, so too has the nature of legal conflicts and challenges. Sophisticated solutions to resolve these conflicts has never been more essential for businesses than now. Recent punitive measures for failing to adequately resolve and respond to conflicts have even placed personal liability on senior management and business owners.


InterLEX is comprised of lawyers with extensive hands-on experience in litigations and investigative proceedings. We provide practical and efficient dispute resolution advice, innovating jurisprudence in critical matters. Our capabilities allow the management of our clients to focus on running their businesses, with the assurance that all their legal risks will be addressed.

Key Practice Areas

1. General Civil & Criminal Litigation

We always lead to the best results for clients based on various practical experiences in the general civil and criminal litigation led by a lawyer from a law firm specialized in litigation.


- Litigate for damages, loan, construction costs, building delivery, service fee, insurance

- Attachment, provisional attachment, or provisional disposition

- Partition of article jointly owned

- Representative suits by shareholders

- Occupational embezzlement, occupational breach of trust, fraud, defamation, larceny, intimidation

2. Labor & Employment Disputes

Due to various regulations in the labor market and heightened awareness of workers’ rights, disputes related to personnel and labor are gradually increasing. Interlex, that has a lot of experience in the field of Labor & Employment with a lawyer selected as Leading Lawyers in the field of Labor & Employment for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021, is representing clients involved in disputes related to unfair dismissals and labor standards violation such as wages and working hours.


- Korean manufacturing company S on dispute related to disciplinary actions

- Korean education company H on dispute related to disciplinary actions

- Korean construction company S on disputes related to wage and working hours

- Korean safety regulatory expert organization H on disputes related to wage and working hours

- Dismissal litigation

3. Corporate Criminal Litigation 

We help companies in various criminal cases that may occur during running businesses based on various experiences in corporate law. We also represent companies for criminal complaints against people who caused damage to the company.


- Filed a complaint against its employee for occupational breach of trust on behalf of Korean e-commerce company W

- Filed a complaint against CEO of Korean sound solution company K for occupational embezzlement and     occupational breach of trust on behalf of shareholders

- Occupational embezzlement, occupational breach of trust, interference with business

4. Real Estate & Construction Litigation

We represent numerous reconstruction associations and construction companies, and have abundant know-how and expertise by conducting various leading cases in real estate and construction, including reconstruction.


- Lawsuit for claiming construction costs, interior costs

- Representing B, D reconstruction associations for various reconstruction related litigations

- Violation of Act On The Improvement Of Urban Areas And Residential Environments

5. Trade Secret & Intellectual Property Disputes

Recently, the value of intellectual property rights in corporate management is increasing day by day.

A company's intellectual property rights mean a company's competitiveness. We help companies to protect their trade secret and intellectual property.


- Korean medical device company N on patent litigation

6. Administrative Litigation 

Administrative disputes are increasing as administrative regulations on corporate activities increase. It is essential to resolve these disputes for smooth running of business. We help companies to resolve disputes based on various administrative litigation experiences.


- Reconstruction association D on acquisition tax litigation

- Korean food company J on customs duties litigation

- Korean car repair company K on reimbursement litigation

- Cancellation of administrative disposition

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