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InterLEX, Appointed as KOTRA IK Advisor

InterLEX Consulting & Law has been appointed as a KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)'s IK(Invest Korea) advisory group.

InterLEX Consulting & Law shall provide  various advice on Korean investment environment related legal matters, attracting foreign investment.

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The Official Korean Blog of InterLEX  Starts its Service

The official Korean blog of InterLEX mainly deals with Korean labor law related topics in professional manner, including the firm's 'Recent Engagements', 'Issue Reports' and 'Legal News', deeply enhancing the understanding of the Korean laws, now available for your service.



Jaehoon Lee, appointed as a Director of Babonanum

Jaehoon Lee, the Executive Partner of InterLEX is appointed as a Director of Babonanum, a notable chritable foundation of Korea.



In-house Counsels choose InterLEX as one of the most satisfactory law firms in Korea

In-house Counsel Forum has nominated InterLEX as one of the best law firms in Korea which provide high-level client satisfaction.


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Hyunchai Isabelle Sohn writes in 'Monthly HR Management, July 2022' on the "The Meaning of the Recent Supreme Court Decision on the Effectiveness of the Wage Peak System and the Corporate Response."

Monthly HR Management, July introduced Isabelle's detailed analysis on the issues regarding the validity of wage peak system, with a special focus on the recent Supreme Court Decision on the matter.


InterLEX Listed on the U.S. Embassy in Korea’s list of lawyers

InterLEX Consulting & Law has been listed as a lawyer for the communication capabilities by the U.S. Embassy in Korea.

Korean legal advice by foreign languages including English, Japanese, Chinese is available at InterLEX Consulting & Law.

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The Official English Blog of InterLEX is Now Open!

While very few law firms present any client-centric English blogs for non-Korean citizens, InterLEX proudly opens a client-friendly English blog on various Korean-law related matters, directly written by bilingual Korean attorneys licensed to practice in Korea, enabling broader accessibility to domestic laws.


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InterLEX - Samsung Technology Safety MOU concluded for SAPA Consultings

InterLEX and 'Samsung Technology Safety' concluded MOU for the mutual cooperation on consulting on Serious Accident Punishment Act (SAPA, 중대재해 처벌 등에 관한 법률) related legal matters.


[Newsletter][Labor & Employment] 
June, 2022 

Interlex has published a newsletter that analyzed the recent Supreme Court Decision on the Effectiveness of the Wage Peak System(Supreme Court Decision 2017Da292343 Decided May 26, 2022),
suggesting appropriate legal countermeasures.

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InterLEX  On Air for its Expertise in SAPA Consultings & Global Communication Capabilities

InterLEX Consulting & Law receives the focus of mass communications, which highlighted the extensive expertise of the firm related to the Serious Accident Punishment Act consulting and the deep understanding of the structure and operation of foreign corporate as well as the non-Korean citizens' needs, served with the global communication capabilities of the team.


Jaehoon Lee writes in 'Monthly 
HR Management, March 2022' on the "Main Issues on the Application of SAPA and the Countermeasures of Companies."

Monthly HR Management, March introduced Jaehoon Lee's opinion on the main issues of the Serious Accident Punishment Acts and how the companies should be ready for the Act.


InterLEX, nominated as one of
the best law firms in Korea

InterLEX is nominated one of the best law firms in Korea, listed in the premier League Table of Labor & Employment in the Legal Times.  InterLEX has successfully positioned itself among other giant law firms in Korea with its efficient service.

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Jaehoon Lee is nominated as the Leading Lawyer of 2021

Jaehoon Lee, the Executive Partner of InterLEX, is again acknowledged as a Leading Lawyer of Korea in 2021.  Among the Korean Lawyer community he is well known for his talented ability to make precise decisions Instinctivelyin a crucial moment of time especially in the area of Labor & Employment.