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1. Excellence

We are a world-class law firm, providing secure, efficient, dynamic and client-centric legal representation in a symbiotic relationship with our local and global clients, offering clear and Transparent guidance through the Korean legal system.

2. Integrity

InterLEX  members fully embrace the spirits of mutual respect, sympathy, understanding and care, continuously striving to communicate with our clients in a humane and reliable manner. 

We believe that in order to truly add value for our clients, we must provide services that exceed traditional  measurement standards, facilitating an atmosphere of trust and integrity, differentiating us from other firms.

3. Cooperation

InterLEX works with a "One Team Spirit" mentality, providing our clients with our collective intelligence and open-minded culture. We believe that the only way to create a new future for the legal profession is to build it together.

We are also globally connected, working with clients and partners around the world.


"Gentle Power InterLEX, We Aim to Make Our Global Clients Comfortable."

"With Challenge and Innovation, We Contribute to the Beneficial Growth  of Our Society."


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